Connecting / Consulting / Organizing

Year after year, Dresden‘s Hochschule für Bildende Künste (i. e. Academy of Fine Arts) releases hopeful, young artists onto the art market. Among the galleries fostering new talents, only a handful promote them at international art fairs. For this reason, a steady flow of artists continues to move to Berlin where, since the early Nineties, a manifold, almost impenetrable art scene has been emerging. The huge supply makes it almost impossible to navigate the market. Many people are at a loss where and how to find quality art.

With a twelve-year experience as a gallerist in Dresden and Berlin under my belt, my insights into both local and international art scene, I am a prime networker. In addition to my continued support for the artists of my former gallery büro für kunst (i. e. “office for art”) it is my ongoing pleasure to bring together artists, collectors and institutions.

Apart from this, I continue to develop exhibition projects at unlikely locations, imbuing them with a new sense of place through art, among them the recently opened Café OSZWALDZ which since its opening has become a popular meeting place within Dresden’s Neustadt. It is there that I I plan a round of socio-political talks, a salon of sorts.